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The Development of the Violent Mind Series

Al Carlisle, Ph.D.

I'm Not Guilty

I'm Not Guilty: The Case of Ted Bundy

Book 1


Dr. Al Carlisle examines the mind of Ted Bundy through a unique exploration of what drove Bundy to kill.

PROFILED: The Zodiac Examined

The Mind of the Devil: The Cases of Arthur Gary Bishop and Westley Allan Dodd

Book 2

Arthur Gary Bishop molested and killed 5 young boys and abused countless others in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Westley Allan Dodd was responsible for 3 deaths and who knows how much pain and suffering among the children who lived near him in Washington. When they were arrested, both asked the same question: How did I become a monster? Dr. Al Carlisle personally interviewed both of these men, and attempts to answer their question using their own words.

PROFILED: The Zodiac Examined

Violent Mind: The  1976 Psychological Assessment of Ted Bundy

Book 3

Many books have been written about Bundy, but rarely have we had the opportunity to understand the inner workings of his mind. Now, Dr. Al Carlisle shares the step-by-step psychological assessment process regarding how he determined that Bundy was a very violent person and would likely continue to kill victims if he was set free. The assessments that led to Bundy’s incarceration are being published for the first time. Additionally, Violent Mind contains previously unpublished letters by Bundy to Dr. Carlisle, and a new interview with a friend of Bundy's from Washington that will be published for the first time here.