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Submissions and Queries

Genius Book Publishing is CLOSED to Submissions of Fiction. We are only accepting NONFICTION TRUE CRIME.

Genius Books is looking for completed, deliverable, English-language nonfiction (particularly True Crime) works over 40,000 words. At this time, we are not accepting submissions of works shorter than 40,000 words. Please make sure your manuscript is completely edited by an editor, as all self-edited works will be rejected as a matter of course. The manuscript should be proofread but doesn't need to be perfect.

Genius Books offers a 50/50 net royalty split, no advance. We are willing to negotiate this under some circumstances.

Send your cover letter, synopsis, first chapter, and contact information to: attn: Steven


Genius Books
PO Box 17752
Encino, CA 91416

You should receive a response to your query within a day or two. If we ask for your manuscript, please send it as a MS Word DOC or DOCX format, RTF, or Pages. If you have something more exotic, let us know first. Please no PDFs.

We look forward to hearing from you.