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ISBN: 978-0-9982973-3-0

PROFILED: The Zodiac Examined

Mark Hewitt

Book 2 in the Zodiac Serial Killer Series

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PROFILED: The Zodiac Examined is now available for preorder in both paperback and limited edition hard cover versions. 

The Search Continues....

Following up on the meticulously-detailed research of HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders (Book 1), PROFILED: The Zodiac Examined (Book 2) goes beyond the case files to develop a comprehensive criminal profile that examines the personality, psychology, physical characteristics, and motives of the Zodiac. Based in the same detailed research of HUNTED, PROFILED sticks to the facts and articulates at every step how the conclusions of the profile were reached.

At the time the Zodiac was committing his crimes, the term “serial killer” had not yet been coined, and psychological profiles were practically unknown. Now, using 21st century crime analytics and a sophisticated understanding of serial killers, it is possible to create a comprehensive profile that may help identify the kind of man who could commit these terrible crimes and get away with it for decades, despite an overabundance of evidence that should have pointed directly to him.

Join the search for the killer as the evidence is compiled and analyzed in PROFILED: The Zodiac Examined.

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